Washington DC, Part I

A few months ago, Mark and I took a quick weekend trip to Washington, DC. One of my favorite things about DC is how diverse the city is. One minute you’re walking down a busy sidewalk beside huge, yet beautiful, office buildings, and the next minute you can be sitting in the grass beneath a tree on the Mall, relaxing in the shade.
This particular weekend, we checked out all the little bookstores and record shops in Dupont Circle and envied the cute little townhouses in Capitol Hill. We ate pastries in Union Station and people-watched in Chinatown. There is seriously no shortage of things to see in this city. Each metro stop is another little world.
We tried Good Stuff Eatery for the first time. It’s definitely worth a repeat trip, if only to get some more of that mango mayo! We also found a great Tex-Mex place, but I’ll share that in another post.
Because I grew up not too far from DC it became the go-to place whenever visitors came. We would spend the day seeing the monuments and doing all the touristy stuff. And while the monuments and memorials are still impressive, it’s nice to discover the little corners of DC that I never knew about as a kid.

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