Last Saturday, Mark and I both miraculously had a day off work. Coordinating our day’s off has been almost impossible lately. We drove to Athens to spend the day with my sister and a friend. It was HOT! As in hot HOT.  The heat has taken a little while to get here. June has been surprisingly mild. But it hit with full force on Saturday.

Despite the heat, we mosey’d around downtown Athens, checked out the vendors and Wuxtry and Helix too (of course). Listened to some music, ate some food, and drank lots of water. The day finished with a game of frisbee in the back yard. By that time, we were so used to the feeling of being hot, sticky, and sweaty that it was no big deal to run around in the grass for a few more hours.

It was a fun day. I always like visiting Athens. There’s something about it that reminds me  a little bit of home.


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